January is the usual month for sum-ups, the moment when we look back at the year that has passed and try to find some conclusions. It was our first year on the market as a company.

What started as a side project to get the lures that I wanted, quickly got out of control and became a regular business, the first Irish soft lure manufacturing company.

Due to support of our partners and customers our company grew, and we were able to upgrade from a homemade to a semi industrial scale. All our lures are still 100% hand poured and made in Ireland, but thanks to CAD design the way we design and develop our lures has changed dramatically.

A year on the market means also a much wider group of testers, anglers that fish with our lures and provide us with valuable feedback. It helped us in the development process of the Seaducer lure and the ones that we are still working on. Your suggestions and wishes were accounted for in the design and we hope that the new lures will be as successful as our Treats series.