All the preparations, and I am finaly here.

Came to the port of Tanger Med. 50km away from Tanger city. Road packed and busy. Rode ap 10 km when road narrowed. Constant heavy traffic, beeping trucks and I knew that it will only get worse. Spotted lads packing to a pickup truck and asked for the ride. Guys agreed and dropped me few km outside of Tanger.

Took me few hours to past it, as roads were quite busy. Wanted to reach town of Assillah before the Night fall, but around 10 km before it it started to get dark, and Moroccan drivers started their kamikadze mode. Decided to call it a day and headed to the nearest parking, on the beach. When spotted some fishermans and approached them asking if its ok to camp, they turned out to be a military post protecting the border. Things for bit nervous but finally after hearing than I am not spanish they left me stay for the night.

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