Second day started early.

At 2 am dogs from the military camp came to my tent and started barking. Till 7 when I decided there is no point on even trying to sleep. Packed my tent and set of for Larache. First stop was a town Assillah. Beautiful, quite clean, clearly a tourist destination. After a short circle decided to skip Medina, full of tourists. Somehow GPS hotelu Mercure to the market street. It Has to be experienced. All the road covered with a slimy mixture of rotten fruits, water from fish stands, donkey and horse piss. Something that will give you septic shock just from watching it. Hundreds od people, squized on few smaller streets with loaded donkeys, horse carts, old Mercedes taxis and some brand new posh VW. Noise just deafening.

Headed out as there was a lot of road to cover. Hills got steeper and steeper, and the loaded bike got heavier.
Stopped for a breakfast at one of numerous melon stands. Those fruits are just condensed sugar.
Few dozen km further stopped for a diner. Great place, but usual language barier. In order to get some food first you need to go to the butcher Standera and select meat, than bring it to a grill, than it is served by a guy from restaurant next door. Quite confusing but delicious.

After the diner was the biggest challenge. 6km long climb reaching 5% sometimes. Not the stepest, but so long. Every turn od the road when you feel it is finaly over, and… Bummer, another climb.
Finaly on the top was awarded with one of the most spectacular views . Hills descent to the ocean through some green valleys accented by almost Red soil.

Got surrounded by a gang of boys, between 5-10. Chewing gum, figs, everything for one dirham. Or 5. Or 3. After having some laugh decided to break the basic rule and bought from them some figs and we eaten them unwashed together. Either I will s*** myself to death or nothing can get me after it ? As the preparation for the trip for few weeks I was visiting fruit stands and dodgy kebabs in Algeciras, just to have it over while at home. It worked perfect and now I can eat all the local foods.

After the brake on the top of the hills started my descent towards Larache.
And then my worse fear came to life. Narrow road and suddenly truck n front of me got on my lane to overtake another truck. Options were head on with 12wheel truck or hit the ditch, so it was not much od a choice. Falling to the ditch managed to impale my heel on the front cassette of my bike, resulting with a deep and nasty wound. Bit in shock got my bike from a ditch and continued as the bleeding was not as bad and had all my stuff in the paniers somewhere.

Maybe 40′ later arrived to Larache. On the street a guy on the mopped Passerati me, just to be completly smashed by a car maybe 200m on front of me. Passat hot him head on, sent him flying. Badly broken leg, a lot of blood. Memento mori AF.
Luckily Police was just on the other side of the street and they rushed with help. A little shaken headed to nearest hotel. On the road Has to pass through fish market, BBQs and local food stands, place crowded completly.

In hotel when asked for a room was told its 300dirhams. Bit much for a rat hole that it was, but after some whining price went down to 150, still a lot as locals psy 70-90 per night (saw the book). Even though had some bad ecperiences that day, after sterilising the wound decided to go for a short walk and grab some food.

Really nice place!

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