The story of Pirate Lures

It all started with a dream. Dream of being able to stock my lures the same ways as flies – just by making them. Exactly what I want and how I wanted them. No more waiting for the product availability in the shop, no more chosing from 6 colours that I could get.
I am lucky to have angling as my mayor occupation for last few years. Started with a flyfishing magazine, flytying, freelance writing and photography for few magazines, guiding business in the Strait of Gibraltar – all were puzzles slowly building up to this moment. Previous industry experience in plastic monomers, pharmaceutical testing and manufacturing are a great help too, as well as Chemistry and Biology background. Also experience in publishing industry, with colour mixing, photography and editing – it all help with creation of good colours for the lures, understanding required lure characteristics and anglers needs.
I started making my lures shortly after I lost my leg (hence the name Pirate Lures). Being stuck at home for few weeks, total boredoom… Got the idea that it is now or never. Ordered a bottle of cast silicone and a litre of plastic. Started with simple designs, to learn proper ways of pouring plastics, colour mixing and all the know-how that is required for the process. After spending hundreds of hours pouring, twitching, making moulds, scrapping them and starting again I finally felt confident enough to present my lures to few friends. Their response was quite enthusiastic and very encouraging. They started catching fish on my lures, more feedback was coming and I was rebuilding lures to increase their robustness and include my friends suggestions. Pike lures and lures for tropical fish are still a big part of my production.

With Bass Treats few very good bass anglers decided to share their ideas how to improve the development process and after few months I finally got what looked like a finished project.

First casts with it and I knew that it will be what bass wants. Bass, bluefish, even an odd triggerfish were responding well to the lure, all that was left was getting proper plastic mixes. All autumn passed on trying different salts, dyes and plastic stiffness till I was happy with them and ready to introduce the lure to the market.

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